CongoCloud works with you at every stage of the migration process to make sure you get results that align with your infrastructure and business needs.  We follow a proven process to ensure minimal downtime and service disruption and cost efficient during your migration to AWS.


Why choose CongoCloud as your AWS Migration Partner?


  • Get Access to AWS Certified Engineers

  • Proven experience with AWS migrations

  • Accelerated Managed Migration

  • Get special funding from AWS


Stage 1: Assess


Our AWS Certified Architects will analyze your existing cloud and on-premises architecture, understand your business needs, and perform a TCO Analysis.


  • Understand your team’s goals and technical limitations

  • Benchmark TCO Analysis of the on-premises and cloud environment

  • Gather and analyze all the infrastructure information to provide a detailed report

  • Identify pilot application for Proof of Concepts

  • Prioritize applications, dependencies, and risk

  • Align stakeholders on a roadmap and resources required


Stage 2: Design & Build


We will design and build an AWS environment that meets your security, compliance, and cost-optimized requirements.


  • Design secure, compliant AWS Well Architected environment

  • Use templates to automate and prepare your cloud to scale

  • Develop and build a minimum viable cloud  

  • Create and Implement an AWS Landing Zone


Stage 3: Migrate


  • Test and refine your application on AWS

  • Choose the most appropriate AWS-native or 3rd party tool for data migration

  • Build a Migration Pipeline to migrate AWS applications to AWS in move groups

  • Day one support and handoff​

Migration to Cloud Image1.jpg