Pre-Migration Cloud Cost Assesment

Our frictionless pre-migration cloud cost assessment solution helps customers understand their existing on-premises IT infrastructure cost and the potential cost savings when moving to the AWS Cloud.


We provide a complete inventory of all IT assets and software with their dependencies which can help you answer the following questions.


  • What will it cost to run my current workloads in the cloud on AWS?

  • What will I need to provision on AWS based on my current utilization?

  • How many existing software licenses do I have?

  • What is my current on-premise Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

  • How much does it cost to migrate to AWS?


This solution leverages the Analyzer agentless tool that installs in 30 minutes, then provides a TCO within a day. It analyzes utilization information to produce optimized AWS price scenarios, thereby minimizing your company’s future TCO. By right-sizing the infrastructure before the migration, customers will avoid the over-provisioning of cloud resources once they decide to move to the AWS public cloud.



  • No More Spreadsheets!

  • On-Premises TCO in one day (Assumption Based)

  • AWS Right-Sized Cost Estimate (Utilization Based)

  • Everything is Customizable & Fact-Based


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