Reserved Instance Management

Algorithmically Save 20-50% on Amazon EC2


We see more and more businesses are at risk of overspending on the cloud, especially when an organization lacks the means or expertise to manage EC2 on-demand and reserved instances purchases properly.  Reserved Instances are one of the most powerful levers to reduce AWS cost but are complex and time-consuming to maximize the savings.


CongoCloud solves this challenge with an innovative automated AWS Reserved Instance Management solution that algorithmically builds and maintains a RI portfolio to maximize EC2 savings, even as the underlying EC2 instance use changes. Focus on engineering and never administer RIs again while achieving a 20%-50% Effective Savings Rate off the EC2 on-demand rates.

Save Time

Fully automated, Real-time RI Management

Save Immediately

Easy setup-no re-architecture required

Save Money

Optimal RI portfolio synchronized with your changing EC2 environment

Save Without Compromise

No risk to your application or infrastructure 


Planning for RIs and controlling the optimization algorithm is simple

RI planning is radically simplified; ‘top-down’ by EC2 spend, not ‘bottoms-up’ by instance type. The algorithm only requires two inputs to optimize your RI portfolio 

  • RI Spend Coverage Target

  • 1 and 3 year RI Portfolio Allocation 

Update the inputs when assumptions change


Savings progress is easy to track

Check-in at any time to monitor savings outcomes:

  • Effective Savings Rate (the discount versus On-Demand)

  • Dollars saved

  • Filter by org, region, and time for granular breakdowns

  • Notifies you when there are opportunities to save more

See RI savings history and potential. You enable RI management when you are ready