AWS Storage Services

Cloud is a reliable, scalable and secure place for all your data


Cloud storage is a critical component of cloud computing, which is typically more reliable, scalable, and secure than a traditional on-premises storage system.


AWS offers a complete range of cloud storage services to support both application and archival compliance requirements. Select from object, file, and block storage services as well as cloud data migration options to start designing the foundation of your cloud IT environment.


CongoCloud has experience helping customers effectively store data in the AWS Cloud.  We can help you assess, design, and implement the ideal solution for backup and recovery, archiving, disaster recovery, and primary storage.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and restore is a critical and necessary IT function. We help build secure, efficient, and cost-effective backup and restore solutions, using solutions that you know and trust, with the scale and reliability of the AWS Cloud. 


We help with the preservation of essential but infrequently used data with appropriate cost and resiliency by leveraging S3 and Amazon Glacier for low cost and long term storage.

Disaster Recovery

We help customers utilize AWS services to enable recovery strategies focused on recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) requirements.

Primary Storage

We help implement AWS best practices for security, economics, performance, and simplicity to deliver a rich set of storage features that leverages AWS for EBS, EFS, and S3.

AWS storage services that we use

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